This topic is about MANIFESTING. If you have a come to this page, you have been reading on manifesting but really havn't quite figured it out. Well I'm here to tell you that Manifesting is the hardest simple thing you will ever have to do. Believe it or not you are already manifesting ideas and what is going to happen in your life right now. By definition manifesting is to "display or show by one's acts or appearance." When you are getting sick, you begin to sneeze, cough, or have a runny nose. This is a "manifestion" of a cold. With that being said, I am going to attempt to layout the things you need to manifest the positive things in your life. FIRST YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR MINDSET. When you begin to think better and what you want in life certain IDEAS come to your mind that will help encourage a lifestyle change. SECOND WHEN MANIFESTING you have to WORK. Write down your ideas and thoughts. See if it make sense. If it does put a plan to together. This is how MANIFESTING TRULY WORKS. THIRD TAKE ACTION. You will never know if your plan works if you don't take action. When you take action you can get a better viewpoint of what you need to do. You MAY FAIL. BUT TRY AGAIN. Manifesting is not that simple like I said earlier. It will take work and tweaks to make your idea better. AND LAST BE PATIENT. These things Take TIME. But when youre always positive, working towrads your goal, and altering things to make your idea the BEST POSSIBLE, then its only a matter of TIME.